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Monday, August 19, 2013

A Word on Tea

Let me preface this blog post with the following information about myself: I am obsessed with loose leaf tea from the Canadian-based tea company, DAVIDsTEA. I literally have 10s and 10s of bags and tins at home full of loose leaf tea, and numerous tea pots, mugs, travel mugs, infusers, and various contraptions and accessories to help ensure the perfect brew. With my overweight luggage concerns (read the previous post for details!), I knew I couldn't take much tea with me, if at all. I was quite upset. I thought about bringing my top five teas, but that still wouldn't be very much tea. I figure I would drink through the tea in a month, maybe two, and then be stuck with nothing. I therefore did the gutsy thing, and only brought 2 types of specialty herbal teas with me which I will only drink on certain occasions: Cold 911 for colds, and Bravissimo for sore throats (I still did bring an infuser, a Timolino mug, DAVIDsTEA filters, and a tea spoon with me!).  

As I was driving into Winnipeg on August 15th to head to the airport and fly across the world, DAVIDsTEA posted this clever video of a new product on their Facebook and Instagram pages: a 16 oz. Timolino travel mug.

I own 2 Timolino mugs, and they are one of my absolute favourite products. The only problem: they only 12 oz., which I often find is a bit small for a travel mug. DAVIDsTEA has been teasing the idea of a bigger Timolino for at least two years. Imagine my mixture of horror and delight when I realized my ultimate tea accessory became available the very day I was leaving Canada and moving across the world!!! Being an avid DAVIDsTEA fan and a travelling DAVIDsTEA junkie (I have visited DAVIDsTEAs in Montreal, New York, and several in Toronto), I knew there was a DAVIDsTEA in the Pearson airport, where my first layover would occur. I immediately posted on both Instagram and Facebook, asking if the Pearson store had them in stock. Within an hour or two, I had a reply from the DAVIDsTEA social media  person (on both Instagram and Facebook!), replying that they had called and the Pearson store had them in stock!

When I landed in Pearson, I immediately headed to the store and bought a 16 oz. mug. The only slight problem: I was able to get 50 grams of free tea when purchasing this mug. I had to choose my favourite tea that I couldn't live without. I ended up choosing Simply the Zest, a citrusy mate that I love having in the mornings. I tweeted the DAVIDsTEA account from my Istanbul layover (I had to cover all social media platforms!), letting them know that I had successfully acquired the mug! 

Fast forward two days, to when my roommate and I are experiencing our first day in Dubai exploring the Mirdif City Center, a mall right near our apartment . We were simply walking when I literally jumped and exclaimed, "OMG A TEAVANA! WE HAVE TO GO THERE!" I proceeded to power walk to the Teavana with my roommate confusedly following me. I excitedly drank all of the samples of tea and asked eagerly, "do you have Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate?!" The man was impressed with my knowledge of their teas and product. 

I am a loyal DAVIDsTEA fan through and through, but Teavana is an excellent substitute. I have bought 4 or 5 of their mate teas before, as I was looking to supplement my DAVIDsTEA collection. I had no idea it was such an international company. The man later told me that it was the only Teavana in Dubai - and I had somehow stumbled across it on my very first day in Dubai. I spent 187 AED on four types of tea, going way over the cash I had brought with me to the mall and I had to use my Canadian VISA. My roommate was slightly horrified. Don't worry, I finally did the conversion today and that only equals $52 Canadian dollars. Not bad for a tea purchase at all! 

The moral of this story: I love tea, and I am so thrilled that I was able to support DAVIDsTEA once last time by buying my Timolino. Their social media person is also the best (is it still Yuri...?). I am also extremely excited that I have access to a Teavana only 15 minutes away from my apartment, and I look forward to enjoying tea in the years to come :)

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