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Monday, October 21, 2013

Dream Job

My dream job just opened up today: A High School Instrumental Director (Band) job at the Singapore American School.

I have always fantasized about moving to Singapore. I don't actually know that much about the city, but my uncle and aunt used to live there. I grew up hearing about this fabulous city across the world, and I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Singapore.

I was intrigued by the Singapore American School at the University of Northern Iowa Overseas Placement Fair I attended in February, so I attended their information session when I had the time, even though they didn’t have any music positions open (and I was at the UNI Fair for a music job, period). I already had an inkling that I would be offered and accept the position I currently have, but I was still interested in learning more about the various international schools at the fair.

The Singapore American School (SAS) presentation greatly impressed me. I realize it's easy to positively portray your school when the audience is watching a PowerPoint about a school halfway across the world, but SAS is one of the top international schools in the world. Over 3,800 students attend SAS, 70% of whom are American. The faculty tend to stay for an average of SIX years. That's an impressive statistic. I handed my resume into the recruiter, and signed up for the job mailing list just for fun.

Cut to a few months later. While perusing the internet for band pieces for a university assignment, my friend Kelsey and I discovered this YouTube link:

This video shows the Singapore American School Middle School and the International School of Bangkok bands meeting and performing Dinosaurs by Daniel Bukvich in 2009. A few things stood out to me in this video: there are LOTS of students in band, the band sounds GOOD, and the conductor is fairly young! This video continued to give me a good impression of SAS (and the hope that maybe, someday, I would be able to work there!).

In July, I received an email alert saying that a band position was open at SAS (I don't remember if it is was middle or high school). I looked back at my notes from the fair, and saw that SAS brings its new faculty over to Singapore in June. Something had therefore obviously gone awry, as they were quickly looking for a new replacement. I was disappointed. Yes, I was thrilled to be moving to Dubai in a month, but I knew I wouldn't be taking over an established band job. I am currently teaching grade 7 band, but I'm not sure how far band will go in the future at this school, and teaching large, established bands and choirs is what I crave.

Now, today, a new position was posted for a High School Instrumental Director (Band) job at the Singapore American School for the 2014/2015 school year. I would LOVE to apply for this job, but I have signed a 2-year contact here in Dubai. I am perfectly fine with staying in Dubai for the next two years - I am enjoying my job, I am having fun with my friends and colleagues, and I like the lifestyle I am able to create here. However, I can't help wondering if I'm supposed to be going to the Singapore American School to teach band! I want to move back and work in Manitoba eventually, but I think that if this job opens up for the 2015/2016 school year, I would apply and seriously consider leaving Dubai and Manitoba behind.

International teachers: do you have a dream job? What’s the rationale behind your dream job?  

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