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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blogging Updates

Hello, everyone!

I am slowly but surely trying to make this blog grow and became more than an journal entry every few days. I want to share with you a few ways that my blog has grown over the past few weeks!

First and foremost:

  • One of my recent blog posts, Report Cards, was a post about the stress I felt while doing my first set of report cards. This blog post received a fair amount of attention after I tweeted the link with the new teacher hashtag, #ntchat. The #ntchat moderator, Lisa Dabbs (@teachingwithsoul), saw my tweet and retweeted the link to her 23,000+ followers! A few different educators left me comments on the blog and/or tweeted support. It was pretty awesome! This support and feedback from fellow educators reminded me of why I started to blog - to connect with other educators. I have been following, reading, and commenting on several educational blogs lately, so I'm glad people are returning the favour. I'm thankful for my PLN (professional learning network!)

  • I have been tweaking things here and there with the blog, trying to make it look more visually appealing and professional. This includes all of the widgets I have been adding - the new header, the search button, the Twitter button, ClustrMap widgets, "Where I've Been" map, blog archive, and labels! I'm not completely happy with my header yet, but it encapsulates the "Emma in Dubai" title. I'm hoping to replace the spliced together photo with a real photo of me with Dubai in the background soon!

  • I completed my first series of travel recaps about my trip to Ethiopia. My blog is both educational and personal, and I really wanted to capture my trip through writing, supported by pictures. I put up several photos on Facebook and captioned them, but it's different. I am also really picky about who I am friends with on Facebook because it's so personal, so I figured that my blog would be a great way for people to read about my trip. I also have tons of friends and family who aren't on Facebook! I know I will be taking several more trips in the near future (I'm going to another new country in a few weeks!), and I hope to continue the recaps. I will, however, try to fit my new trip in only one or two posts, rather than a separate post for each day!
These are three of the ways my blog has grown lately. I know I would get a lot more views if I constantly shared my posts through Facebook, but I'm often annoyed when people share every single update via Facebook. I do share all posts on Twitter and some on Google+, but I think those are most appropriate venues. I do hope to blog more frequently about school-related things. I often have good ideas for a blog post but simply don't write a complete post. Here's to blogging more frequently. Thank you for following along on my journey! 

I leave you with a photo from last weekend when I spent the entire two days at school writing report cards. I had my shade pulled down, the AC circulating, and movie soundtracks blasting. I will be more prepared for the next round! 

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