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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Quick Update!

Happy Holidays!!!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their Christmas Break. I realize that I haven't updated my blog in almost a month - I'm sorry. Several events have occurred since my last blog post, and I just didn't find the time to write about them.  After speaking to my family on Christmas, I found out that some people actually read my blog and are waiting for an update (Hi, Grandma!).

I have a set idea in my head of the blog posts I want to publish in the immediate future. I have six more days of Christmas Vacation, so hopefully I can work on at least one post a day!

Here are the posts you can look forward to, and I will link to the posts when they are created:

  • 20 Biggest Moments in 2013
  • 2013 Statistics
  • New Year's Resolutions (hint: blogging more is one of mine!!!)
  • Luxor blog posts! (East Bank, West Bank, hot air balloon rides, temples, oh my!)
  • London blog posts (I just got back from England yesterday!)
  • First concert experiences?
  • International teaching - my story
  • And many, many others once school begins again.

Stay tuned, because a few of these posts should be up today!

Here is one of my favourite pictures from my trip to Luxor, Egypt to keep you placated while you wait for the full recaps and photo essays. 

This photo was taken with an iPhone 5 at the Temple of Karnak during the Light and Sound show. 

Click to expand!

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