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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Blog Posts that May Still Be Coming!

I realize I start most of my blog posts with apologizing about not blogging more frequently - and this one is no different. My mom has told me that a few family members and friends have directly mentioned my lack of blogging to her. I am sorry!

There really is no excuse, other than that I have a bad habit of using my relaxation time as "passive" relaxation time, other than "active" relaxation time - for example, I tend to watch tv instead of reading a book (passive vs. active). Blogging definitely counts as "active" relaxation since it uses brain power! At any rate, please accept my apologies for the lack of updates. I am constantly thinking of ideas for blog posts - I just fail to write them down.

So, for this blog post, I would like to share some potential blog post ideas and/or titles that I have been meaning to write. Who knows, perhaps I will get "caught" up at some point over the summer, although it does seem a bit silly to reflect back on some of the minute-detailed educational posts.

Educational Blog Posts

  • My First Field Trip as a Teacher: Transportation Failures and Educational Greatness (working title, haha!)
  • Grade 8 Classroom Management
  • Grease: The Musical! The highlights, the lowlights, and why it was all worth it! 
  • Taking my Grade 11 IB students to the opera
  • Recruiting for the band class
  • Beginning to develop a middle-school band program at my school, including purchasing instruments, figuring out instrumentation, and dealing with the logistics of living in Dubai
  • Beginning to develop a middle-school choir program at my school
  • My Second Parent-Teacher Interviews (they weren't nearly as exciting as my first!)
  • The End of the Year Stress!
  • Next year's schedule
  • My teaching load for next year (new courses1 new courses!)

Travelling Blog Posts

In case you don't remember, I have been to multiple countries in the past few months. I have had amazing experiences in all of them, whether I was being a complete tourist, visiting family, visiting friends, travelling just for the sake of travelling, etc. I would still like to do recap posts on the following:

Luxor, Egypt (Nov. 2013)

  • The Temple of Karnak (one title: Alone in the Temple of Karnak)
  • The Luxor Temple 
  • Riding a Hot Air balloon over Luxor
  • Should you travel to Egypt? (I definitely wanted to discuss this... although it is not as relevant now)
Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut 

England (Christmas 2013)
  • General posts about seeing family and sharing pictures - I didn't do anything super touristy (it was my fourth time visiting England)
Lights in downtown London

Hong Kong and Macau (Spring Break 2013)
  • Exploring the beauty of Lantau Island
  • Photo essay: the neon lights of Hong Kong
  • 10,000 Buddhas hike and photo essay
  • Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden: A Serene Escape within Hong Kong
  • Macau: Asia's Las Vegas
  • And many more!

10,000 Buddha Monastery

Bahrain (May 2014)
  • How to Spend Less than 48 hours in Bahrain
  • The Darker Side of the Gulf Coast Countries: Human Trafficking (I met a Saudi Princess and heard her speak about human trafficking - very powerful stuff)

Bab al Bahrain - the Gate to the Old City


  • My first trip to Jordan is happening this weekend, so I know I will want to write about the Dead Sea and Petra!
Vietnam and Cambodia

  • I am travelling through Vietnam and Cambodia on my way home for the summer. You better believe that I will have some amazing photos to share and stories to tell!

As you can see, I have a LOT than I can be blogging about. I truly am sorry for not blogging more, but please remember you can always contact me to find out what's going on in my life!

I hope everyone is having an excellent end to the school year. It's almost summer!



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