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Bucket List!


This page will serve as my general bucket list and record keeper - how many countries I've visited, bucket list items for Dubai, bucket list items in life, etc.

Continent Count (5/7)

  1. North America (born and raised!)
  2. Europe (1993, 2001, 2005, 2013)
  3. Australia (2003)
  4. Asia (2013 [Middle East], 2014 for real)
  5. Africa (2013)
The next two probably won't be added anytime in the near future.

Country Count (22)

  1. Canada (born - all provinces except Newfoundland by 1999. No territories yet)
  2. United States (frequently - ND, SD, MN, MB, CO, IA, NY, NJ, AZ, CL, NV...?)
  3. England (1993, 2001, 2005, 2013)
  4. Scotland (2001)
  5. Australia (2003)
  6. France (2005)
  7. Cuba (2011)
  8. United Arab Emirates (2013) - I live here now!
  9. Oman (weekend trip - 2013)
  10. Ethiopia (4 day group tour with Escape Dubai, 2013)
  11. Egypt (4 day weekend, 2013) 
  12. Hong Kong* (Spring Break 2014)
  13. Macau* (Spring Break 2014)
  14. Bahrain (May 2014)
  15. Jordan (May 2014)
  16. Vietnam (June 2014)
  17. Cambodia (June 2014)
  18. Sri Lanka (October 2014)
  19. Tanzania (Feb. 2015 with Grade 10s from school)
  20. Turkey (Spring Break 2015)
  21. Lebanon (Sept. 2015)
  22. Qatar (Dec. 2015)
  23. To be added soon!
*Technically, these are "Special Administrative Regions of China", and not countries. However, due to their independent border crossings, government, money, etc., I'm going to count them as separate countries.

Dubai Bucket List 

Many adventures require planning, so here's a list of things I want to do while in Dubai! I have at least one more year to try and accomplish as many of these tasks as possible. This list is unrelated to my school and professional goals :)
  • Go to the top of the Burj Khalifa
  • See the Dubai Fountains at the Burj Khalifa (DONE – it's awesome!)
  • Lead/participate in a flash mob in Dubai
  • Visit and shop at the major malls (DONE: Mirdif City Center, Dubai Festival City, The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates)
  • Go diving in the big Aquarium at the Dubai Mall
  • Have high tea at the Burj Al Arab
  • Go to Wild Wadi water park
  • Go to Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi
  • Go to the Ferrari World and ride ONE roller coaster (not the fastest one in the world – there’s absolutely no way that would happen).
  • Go toboganning (or possibly snowboard) at Ski Dubai
  • Do the Hop On, Hop Off Bus tour
  • Ride the Dubai Ferry
  • Ride the Dubai Metro
  • Visit Atlantis (DONE: technically for Sandance, but I want to go properly!)
  • See the sun set at 360 and dance all evening
  • Go to the palm (DONE: only at nighttime)
  • Try iFly Dubai (simulated skydiving - much less scary!)
  • Learn to read and write super basic Arabic
  • Buy a piece of significant furniture for my apartment (done - desk and bookshelf)
  • Stand-up paddle surf around the Burj Al Arab
  • Skate in the Dubai Mall
  • Rock climb (at the Trade Center or at Adventure HQ)
  • Try an aerial silks class (Art Satwa (Saturdays), Dubai circus school, or Polercise Dubai) 
  • Take a kite surfing lesson
  • Take surfing lessons
  • Ride a seaplane or helicopter
  • Ride in a limo in Dubai (DONE, 3 times so far!)
  • Learn to dive (DONE!)
  • Become PADI open water certified (DONE!)
  • Become a PADI certified advanced diver
  • Dive somewhere outside of the UAE
  • Have Tim Horton’s (DONE!)
  • Barter for gold
  • Visit the old area of Dubai (souk, museum)
  • Learn to sing a traditional Arabic song
  • Join in and dance to Arabic music
  • Visit the Dubai Miracle Gardens
  • Run a major race (DONE: 2 10Ks so far!)
  • Attend a major concert (DONE: The Killers at Sandance)
  • Ride on a dhow (DONE: In Oman!)
  • Rent a car (DONE!)
  • Buy a car
  • Drive in a really nice car (DONE – my friend’s Mercedes-Benz)
  • Drive a really nice car
  • Spot an A license plate (DONE - A 114!)
  • Hail a cab, NYC style (DONE – frequently)
  • Ride an abra across the Dubai creek
  • Attend an all you can eat and drink brunch on a Friday morning (done, several times)
  • Attend an evening brunch (DONE, several times)
  • Get my liquor license (I've submitted my forms...)
  • Go to Barracuda (DONE: WOO! I even drove new teachers there!)
  • Spend a day at a spa
  • Get my eyebrows threaded (DONE)
  • Buy Lorna Jane <3 (DONE!)
  • Buy a pair of yapparel yoga tights
  • Take yoga lessons
  • Buy a pair of 2xu Australia compression tights (Sport in Life)
  • Buy an e-gate card for easy immigration in and out of the UAE (DONE - it's the best).
  • Light up a karaoke bar
  • Dress up and go out for an incredibly fancy meal
  • Eat at Al Dawaar, the revolving restaurant
  • Try all sorts of ethnic food (DONE: Lebanese, Ethiopian, Arabic)
  • Try camel meat and camel milk
  • Hire a cleaning lady (DONE)
  • Camp in the desert
  • Go on a desert safari
  • See a camel (DONE!)
  • Ride a camel
  • Get a henna tattoo
  • Wear an abaya and a hijab
  • Do yoga (DONE: hot yoga)
  • Visit Oman for the weekend (DONE: Such a good weekend).
  • Visit Abu Dhabi (DONE: I want to go back and see the mosque!)
  • Visit all 7 emirates (DONE: Dubai, Fujairah; Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah) TO DO: Ajman, Umm al-Quwain)  
  • Ride in a hot air balloon (DONE! (in Egypt))
  • Skydive over the Palm (not sure I could actually go through with this, but it’s a fantastic bucket list item!)
  • Swim with sharks (again, not sure I would or could actually do this)
Any other suggestions? Feel free to comment :)


The more I travel, read travel blogs, and explore, the more I want to do. 

Here are some of my top travelling bucket list items, completed in 15 minutes! Some of these are simply names of countries (for now). There will always be additions to this list!  
  • Travel to all 7 continents (only South America and Antarctica left!)
  • Jordan (Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, hot springs, Jerash ruins, Petra, etc.)
  • Turkey (Istanbul, hot air balloon over Cappadocia, Ephesus ruins, Pamukkale (hot springs)) 
  • Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway 
  • Hike Macchu Picu (probably with G Adventures)
  • Backpack through Europe (one day) 
  • Dive in the Red Sea
  • Dive on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Visit New Zealand
  • La Tomatina in Spain 
  • Yi Peng floating lantern festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Learn to surf in Bali
  • Nepal (yoga retreat? White water rafting!)
  • Sri Lanka (DONE: October 2014! I will definitey be back!)
  • Tubing in Loas
  • Iceland (diving in Silfra, hot spots, etc)
  • Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand
  • Songkran (water fight!) in Thailand
  • Ha Long Bay party cruise
  • Tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos
  • Capetown, South Africa
  • Hot air balloon ride (DONE: Luxor, Egypt!)
  • Visit Chefchaouen, Morocco 
  • Climb Mount Killimanjaro 
I basically want to go to a lot of places and do a lot of crazy things. My top priority right now is the Middle East and Southeast Asia since I'm living closer to these places. Eventually I'll see more of Europe, Africa, and South America.


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  3. Hey Emma, this bucket list is absolutely EPIC! We can't wait to have you here and help you scratch one more thing off your list :) xxx

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